Order of Battle for Air Forces, Central Command (CENTAF)

Lt. Gen. Charles Horner, USAF, Commander, CENTAF
Brig. Gen. Buster Glosson, USAF, Director of Campaign Plans, CENTAF
Col. George Gray, USAF, Chief of Special Operations, CENTAF
Cmdr. Donald McSwain, USN, Naval Aviation Strike Planner

The easiest way to list the order of battle is to start with the contribution from the U.S. by service, and list foreign assets by country. This list comes from Chadwick (Gulf War Fact Book), and does not detail the number of aircraft per unit. It only shows which units came with which aircraft types, and the total numbers. Without more detailed information, I am obliged to follow essentially the same format.

My list shows approximately 2200 aircraft (about 3 times the size of the Iraqi air force) from the U.S. alone, and about 2900 all together. Aside from the U.S, 12 other countries committed aircraft to the operations, and all but one included combat aircraft in their deployments.

In the table below, "TFW" is the abbreviation for "Tactical Fighter Wing"

And now the list of aircraft attributed to other allied nations. The largest contributer amongst them was Saudi Arabia. The lists are as accurate as I can make them, but there are bound to be errors such as aircraft listed that actually had not yet been delivered, or arrived late in theater. The list is in alphabetical order.

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