Order of Battle for CENTCOM Naval Forces

Commander (1), Vice Adm. Hank Mauz, USN
Commander (2), Vice Adm. Stanley Arthur, USN
Vice Adm. Arthur replaced Vice Adm. Mauz on 1 October 1990 in a routine change of command.

Although the Army and Marine Corps get the bulk of the press as a result of the Gulf War, the extreme gap between Iraq and the U.S. led coalition is probably most blatantly demonstrated in naval forces:

It doesn't take the legendary Rocket Scientist to figure out why the Iraqi navy was not effective. The Battle of Kahfji is a well known and oft-recounted prelude to the main ground battle, and involved Iraqis in unsuccesful combat with U.S. Marines, and Arab forces. However, most sources overlook that the Iraqi attack included an amphibious assault down the Saudi coast to cut off Arab & Marine forces along the coast road. The Iraqi amphibious force had the misfortune of encountering the British Royal Navy prior to encountering the Saudi coast, and there was no amphibious assault; the entire Iraqi force was sunk.

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