The Collected Works of Tim Thompson

An off & on member of the Skeptics Society, I am a committed opponent of pseudoscience. I do my part by writing about it; from this page you can reach everything I wrote that want you to see. Primarily I have concentrated on young-Earth creationism and Velikovskian type catastrophism, mixed in with a little just-plain science. My active research in astronomy & physics is featured on my research page. This is my writing for public consumption.

Nothing I write is sacrosanct; I am prepared to fix mistakes, or retract anything that turns out to be erroneous. Feel free to contact me regarding anything I write with suggestions for improvement, or whatever.

Military History Writings

Anti Creation-Science Writings

I write specifically in response to what I consider the recklessly pseudo-scientific notion that the Earth is about 10,000 years old. The young-Earth creation scientists insist that valid, bona-fide scientific argument & evidence show that the Earth really is that young, contrary to standard science, which pinpoints the age of the Earth at around 4,500,000,000 years. I can think of no more charitable response than to say that it's a really stupid idea. These articles provide more detailed responses, to specific arguments raised. All of these articles were written by me, and me alone. But a lot of other like minded people write with the same thing in mind, and their collected writings can be found in such venues as the Talk.Origins Archive, and the Internet Infidels Modern Library.

Anti Catastrophist Writings

General Science Writings